Pickwick Discard Graph

Pickwick Graph: Count of Unique Words by Chapter

The Pickwick Papers: Count of unique words by chapter.

Here's one of the also-ran graphs I mentioned in my last post about Pickwick. They were part of my exploration of the data and didn't seem interesting enough to include in the last post.

The first shows the count of unique vocabulary per chapter, which isn't all that interesting without any context. It might work better as a stacked bar with unique vocabulary and total word count for each chapter.

#First make a DataFrame with chapter #s and word counts.
clengths = pd.DataFrame((
    (x, len(chaptervocab[x-1])) for x in range(1,58)), 
    columns=['Chapter', 'Count of Unique Words'])
#Bar color for the rest of the plots.
Set the size of the plot.
plt.figure(figsize=(12, 20))
#Choose Seaborn display settings. 
#Make a horizontal (orient='h') barplot.
sns.barplot('Count of Unique Words', 'Chapter', 
            data=clengths, orient='h', color=mycolor)

#I don't need this any more.

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